Noah Mann

Books by Noah Mann (a pseudonym of Ryne Douglas Pearson). Click on the book covers for more information at Amazon.

The Bugging Out Series

The green earth has been turned grey by an apocalyptic blight which leaves the world’s few survivors fighting for their lives…and their humanity.

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The Outpost

Something is happening at a remote government outpost in the New Mexico desert…

Outpost-v1---160A group of scientists at the Tanner Biological Research Station has discovered an anomaly. Part of some creature that should not be there. Bringing in a pair of experts from the upper echelons of academia to assist in identifying the potential new species, more questions than answers are generated among the unnerved staff at the isolated station.

Soon, though, the outpost is not simply isolated—it is cut off, communications with the outside world severed by some inexplicable predatory force, leaving the scientists wondering whether they have found something, or something has found them.